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The majority of teachers who start business opt to offer services, but products are also a great way to create an additional stream of income.


Today’s Guest: Allison and Stephanie, Creators of The Teacher Tote

Stephanie and Allison are two High School friends from Eastchester, NY who are now both teachers. They met on the softball field and formed a close bond that continued through their college years and beyond. Weekly coffee dates turned into discussions about shared dreams of starting a business together. They were tired of schlepping countless bags to and from school everyday and knew that there had to be a better solution. They wanted to create a functional bag that was tailored to the needs of a modern and successful teacher. Thus, The Teacher Tote was created.



Allison and Stephanie have been friends since high school and, after becoming teachers, decided to give entrepreneurship a go.  When they realized that they (and every teacher on the planet) were carrying multiple bags to and from school every day, they knew there had to be a better way and took the big step to create a product of their own.

They set out to discover what teachers really want in a bag, especially a bag that could replace all the others they were lugging around.  A space for a laptop was a must because… life.  But they found that no matter what kind of laptop bag people carried, they still had to carry something else; A lunch bag. So they added an insulated lunch pocket to their bag, one of my favorite features!

Of course, starting a business, especially a product-based business like the Teacher Tote, does require an investment.  Allison and Stephanie ran the numbers (Stephanie’s a math teacher!) and both decided that they were comfortable spending a certain amount of money… and no more.  They then figured out what they could do with that investment, and gave the project a green light.

Now that they’ve got a year of business under their belt, they’ve found a way to divide tasks based on each other’s skills, and make major decisions – like deciding to use a fulfillment center instead of shipping from their homes – together.  And they credit their shared vision for the company for being able to handle any curve balls that come their way.


Connect with Allison and Stephanie

The Teacher Tote is a tote bag designed with the teacher in mind! There are pockets to contain all of your needs! Two outer side pockets can hold your liquid containers (coffee, water, etc), while a zippered front pocket perfectly fits your cell phone. Open up the bag and you will find an insulated lunch box; built right into the bag! There is also a middle zippered compartment to safely store your laptop, as well as a side flap for those papers that you swear you’ll grade when you get home! Several other pockets for pens, small office supplies, your wallet and even a key ring will make this the most convenient all-in-one bag you own!

Contrary to the name, The Teacher Tote is NOT just for teachers! Anyone looking for the perfect all-in-one bag that has a place for everything would LOVE The Teacher Tote.

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How Teachers Can Create a Product People Love with Allison and Stephanie of The Teacher Tote