Hey Teach, I’m Stacey!

I’ve been a full-time teacher since 2001, teaching music to students in pre-school through high school, but my heart belongs in middle school.  Yep, I’m crazy about my hormonal, angsty pre-teens… or I’m just crazy.  Either way, I love what I do.  Like many of you, I feel like being a teacher is more than a job.

Still, in 2012 I decided to try my hand at something else.  Direct sales.

I was awful.

It was bad.

I quit.

But before I quit, as a last ditch effort, I started a blog… and I really liked it!  And once I stopped posting nonsense about my direct sales company that wasn’t going to happen, other people started to like it, too.  When I actually made some money from AdSense, I was hooked.

And, when I say money, I mean $2.  True story.  My first month of AdSense made me $2.11.

Recently I sold that blog – a big decision – to spend more time with the Side Hustle Teachers community.  It’s my happy place!  Helping teachers like you start businesses that can make you money, have the freedom to follow your passions, and explore career options gives me immense joy.


I want to live in a world where teachers…

  • Have enough money to pay their bills, save for a rainy day, and afford nice things, like vacations and heat.
  • Have the mental, physical, and temporal ability to pursue their passions.

I strongly believe…

  • That the teacher as martyr expectation is harmful to teaching, teachers, and kids.
  • Teachers should be not only allowed, but encouraged to pursue outside interests.

I am committed to…

  • Helping teachers move beyond their limits, real and self-imposed, to create a life that is balanced, financially stable, and fulfilling in every way.
  • Being an advocate for my colleagues who feel trapped and optionless.