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    Today’s Guest: Max Bawarski, Owner, Two Smooth Dudes

    Max is from upstate New York and attended the State University of Cortland. He was an academic and an All-American track athlete in college.

    Max has been teaching PE for Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia for 13 years.  His passion is for fitness, sports, and good food.


    Max started his first business when he was just a kid and never lost his entrepreneurial spirit.

    He started as a young man shoveling driveways and raking lawns, and when he started teaching he discovered that reselling used furniture off Craigslist was way more profitable than being a waiter.

    At each step of his side hustlin’ journey, Max followed his interests and passions to grow and learn.  Even his one “failed” venture led to the next, which led to the next.

    When Max and his former partner started Two Smooth Dudes, he spent time to find a reasonably priced truck, even driving to another state to get a better price.  He then was open to learning new things about the food truck business, finding a mentor, and even changing his entire menu in order to open up a new, highly profitable opportunity.

    Key Takeaways

    • Your first business doesn’t have to be your life-long business
    • You can enjoy your business, but it’s still not the right one for you
    • Working less and earning more is possible
    • Find someone who’s doing what you want to do and learn from them

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