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It's easy to get scared by all the things you could be doing in your business, but as Michelle shares, the fastest way to success is to take steady, consistent, baby steps.

MLMs, otherwise known as direct sales or network marketing, are an attractive option for teachers.  They’re also a great entry point into entrepreneurship and owning your own independent business.

Today’s Guest: Michelle Paul, Owner, Stay Gold Shell

Michelle Paul is a wife, mom, middle school English teacher and online boutique owner. She manages all these facets of life with a little bit of sarcasm and a lot of queso.


Michelle didn’t mean to start a business.  She just found a product she loved and wanted a discount – a very common reason for joining MLMs – and discovered that her enthusiasm was a natural sales method.

Once she started making some money, Michelle decided that if she was going to be part of her company, she was going to go after it with everything she had.  She studied the methods and techniques of the most successful people in her company, and if something worked for them, she tried it… twice.  Not everything was a good fit for her, of course, but Michelle followed the tips and techniques that felt right for her personality and found herself with a thriving business.

After a couple of years of building her MLM business, Michelle found another project she was passionate about; Helping women buy clothing online that actually fits when it gets delivered.

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