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If you’ve thought about starting a side hustle, but don’t think you have any skills that are worth anything, think again.  In this episode we’re talking about how to use talents you already have to make some money!

Today’s Guest: Elizabeth Yarnell, Founder, Digistars Make-a-Movie Workshop

Elizabeth Yarnell has been designing and delivering multimedia educational programs for almost thirty years, starting off in the film and video industry and then as an instructional designer. She began developing digital storytelling programs for kids in 2010 as a parent volunteer at her son’s elementary school in Denver, Colorado. For the last ten years her side hustle has been delivering these fun and enriching programs after school, in summer camps, and during school holidays to elementary and middle schools.


Elizabeth Yarnell didn’t intend to be an edupreneur. She had a thriving career and everything was going well. Her business idea sprang from helping her child’s school create a digital video program, to be funded by a grant they had won.

After seeing success in her son’s school, Elizabeth decided to branch out to other schools in her area. She offered her program after school, on vacation weeks, and during the summer.

The big break through happened when she decided to see if there was a way to get this program into the hands of children outside the Denver-Metro area. She used her experience as an instructional designer to create a comprehensive program that anyone – teacher or otherwise – could follow, and provide this digital video making program to kids.

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