Think of someone you know who is seemingly good at everything.

They tell you that they’re diving into a new endeavor and that, low and behold, they’re having great success with it.

  • “I just started this exercise bootcamp thing, and they asked me to be squad leader.”
  • “I took this pottery class and the teacher said I should sell what I made!”
  • “I put together an online course and sold it to 10 people in just 24 hours!”

Ordinarily, we look at these people as freaks of nature. “Well, of course Katie had success with that. She’s awesome at everything!

But what if, instead of writing Katie off as a super-human rock star, we started asking ourselves; How can I be more like that?


You see, the thing is, unless Katie was sent to us from the red sun of Krypton, she’s not superhuman. Sure she might have natural talent in art or physical fitness, but we all have natural gifts and talents.

What Katie has mastered is playing to her strengths, going for everything 100%, and believing that she has what it takes to be successful.

So, instead of brushing aside your friend’s success, and perhaps looking at them with a bit of green in your eyes, let’s use her (or him) as an example.

What is it about this person that helps them be so darn good at everything?

  • Maybe they have an open mind about everything and approach every new situation with the wide eyes of a newborn baby.
  • Maybe they take every opportunity to try something new.
  • Maybe they attack problems with the confidence of a lioness attacking a limpy giselle.
  • Maybe they begin every day telling themselves how awesome they’re going to be that day and that their success is a foregone conclusion.

If you want to be the type of person everyone just expects to be awesome at everything, like “Of course <<< name>>>’s business is doing great. Duh,” then you have to be like that person

In other words, you need to choose to develop habits of the people you want to be like.

If we want to live a healthier life, we have to make the same choices healthy people make. Choose the grilled chicken over the McRib, and exercise on the regular.

If we want to be a more spiritual person, we have to make the choices a spiritual person would make. Meditate or go to church every Sunday, or read books about becoming more zen.

And if we want to retire early, or flat out quit, we have to make choices like someone who’s already done that.


What would (insert name of totally awesome friend) do?

Remember, just because you’ve “always done things this way” doesn’t mean you have to continue to do them that way.

Just because you’re in the habit of going home after school, putting on your pajamas, and curl up with a stack of papers to grade and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, doesn’t mean you need to continue to do that.


Remember, habits should be like insurance. Every so often you need to shop around for better ones.

Who is someone you know who seems to be successful at everything they try? What are some habits they have that you could develop in order to move forward towards your goals? (You can ask them if you’re not sure.)

What habits do you notice in those around you who seem to be successful in all they do? Watch today’s video and come share your thoughts in the Facebook group.