Teachers make more decisions in a given day than brain surgeons. Seriously.

We’re great at deciding which bulletin board to put up, whether or not Little Bobby’s answer met the criteria for an A, or even how to talk to kids about really uncomfortable things.

But when it comes to deciding what we want for ourselves, we kind of suck.

For example, we talk about wanting to take our family on vacation, but then another break goes by while we sit at home liking pictures of other people’s vacations on Instagram.

We talk about getting a tattoo… but we don’t.

We say we want to save up to buy a house, but continue to stop at Starbucks every day on our way to work.

We talk about retiring early, but don’t make plans for how else we can pay the mortgage, manage our healthcare, and generally continue to exist in society

We say we know what we want, but we don’t decide to do it.

And I don’t mean “decide” the way most people toss the word around these days. I mean decide. To eliminate all other options, accept no alternatives, go for it with the strength and determination of a honey badger whose turf has been invaded.

So today I invite you to decide to take the first (or next) step in building your side hustle and join Edupreneur Academy!

The rate for Edupreneur Academy is just $19 a month, but…

For 10 days only you can join for only $10! And that rate is guaranteed for life.

That means that on March 24 when the price goes up to regular price of $19 a month. Not for you. You stay at $10. If I raise the price in the future… not to worry. You’re $10 is good for as long as you’re an active member!

Decide to be someone who doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck, or takes the dream vacation, or stops putting off having kids until “money isn’t so tight.” Decide to start your early retirement plan now.

There are plenty of people out there in the world living the kind of life you only dream of living, many of whom are far less fabulous and talented than you are. The key to their success is that they decided to go for it, they stopped listening to their tired old excuses, changed their habits, and got the f*** on the ***. – Jen Sincero