Outschool All Stars

Outschool offers classes in virtually anything kids are interested in, from standard school courses like history and math, to Harry Potter discussion groups, to how to dance like Disney’s Descendents.

But it doesn’t just allow kids to explore passions. Teachers can, too!  The platform allows teachers to teach subjects and age ranges that they may not typically work with, and to teach in their own way, without the pressure or paperwork of traditional schools. Teachers should be aware, however, that reviews written by students (or their parents) are public, so there’s an element of customer service that isn’t necessarily present in a regular classroom.

The Outschool All Star courses are designed to help you get started, grow, and thrive on the Outschool platform.

Outschool All Stars 101 will help you earn your first $100 on Outschool by showing you how to build a great profile, select class topics that play to your strengths and kids love, and write class descriptions that have kids begging for your classes.

Outschool All Stars 201 supports you as you grow as an Outschool teacher by offering flex classes, using 3rd party software, and creating resources for your students.

If you’re ready to go from Outschool teacher to Outschool business owner, Outschool All Stars 301 is made for you. This course take you through how to measure and track your cash flow, set aside money for operational expenses and taxes, and branding and marketing your business through content marketing.

Or you can grab all 3 courses at a discount with the Outschool All Stars Bundle!

Everything you need to know about how to set up your Outschool profile and classes, find students, and running your classes.

Take your Outschool classes to the next level by offering flex classes, integrating 3rd party programs, creating fun handouts and resources, and getting more reviews.

Your Outschool classes are going great, but now that you’re making money… what do you do with it? Learn about the basics of business as they apply to your Outschool organization.

Get all 3 Outschool classes and save!