You went into teaching because you love kids and felt called to the profession.  For you, teaching isn’t just a job.  It’s part of who you are.

BUT… education has changed since you first walked into a classroom.  There are more and more layers of bureaucracy added every year.  You have less autonomy over your teaching.  And support from parents and administrators is often lacking.

Of course, you didn’t go into teaching for the money… However, the low salary (particularly in comparison to other people with your level of education) is making it difficult to make ends meet.  Finances are a constant stress, but you feel like all you’re qualified to do is teach.

You feel, in a word, trapped.

Add all that up, and you get teacher burnout!

Welcome to the world of Side Hustles!

  • You need more money… but not another boss.
  • You want to pursue your passions… even if they’re not related to the classroom.
  • You want  to have options… because retirement is a long way off.

But where to start?

Right here!

In Side Hustle Summer Camp you’ll get all the help you need to set up your business the right way so that you can rock it in the classroom and with your clients!

Course Outline

Your Home Base

Do you need a website for your business?  What options do you have for where to send people who want to do business with you?  What needs to be on your website (or public page)?  How can people find you on the noisy, cluttered internet?

Your Email List

Do you need an email list?  (Hint: You do!) Why you should start one sooner rather than later.  How do you nuture your list so they are eager to hear from you?


How do people find you?  Strategize your plan for networking on line and in person, develop your elevator pitch, and find local and virtual groups where your product or service might be useful.

Getting Clients or Customers

How is your business going to make money?  Customers!  So how do you find people who need what you offer, and how do you make an offer without being pushy?

Developing Systems

What tasks can you automate or create a system for?  Once you work in your business for a while, you start to notice things you do over and over.  How can you save time and be more productive by automating and systematizing?

Legal Stuff

What kind of legal protections does your business need?  Do you need a trademark or patent?  How do you write a contract for a vendor, contractor, or client?  

Content Strategy

How are you going to get your clients to know, like, and trust you?  What’s the best content outlet for you; a blog, podcast, or video channel?  What social media channels do you need to be on?  How do you plan and schedule social media content?

Time Management

How do you balance the demands of being a teacher with the demands of running a business?  How can you prepare your business for the school year?  How can you prioritize tasks to make the most of your time and avoid burnout?

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I love how Stacey was so encouraging and genuinely happy and supportive of me and my side hustle. She was able to make projects and next steps that had previously seemed so complex and nebulous in my mind all of a sudden become clear and simple. When there were steps I was self-conscious about taking, she was able to provide me with various ways I could approach it to match my comfort level, which I am positive was necessary to get me to actually do them, instead of just remaining paralyzed in fear. I am so relieved to have clear, doable next steps to move my hustle forward to the next level!



“I love my job, but I don’t know if I can do this for another 20 years.”

Almost every teacher has uttered these words at some point in their career.  Teaching isn’t a 9-5 job. It follows you home. It keeps you up at night. You think of your students as your kids.

Teaching has no boundaries.  It is all-encompassing and, therefore, makes teachers feel like we have no options.

Side Hustle Summer Camp provides options.

You have passions beyond teaching.  You might be a teacher at heart, but you’re also many other things.  You don’t have to think about teaching and learning and Hattie and Danielson 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Imagine being able to spend your time on things that you love. Gardening, woodworking, painting, designing homes…

You can make money in many ways.  Teaching may be your profession, but the skills you’ve honed as a teacher make you qualified to do almost anything.  Imagine being able to see movies in the theater instead of waiting for them to come to RedBox, taking your family on vacation, or being able to save for your child’s college education.  

You have career options.  So many teachers like you feel stuck in teaching.  We feel that our career options are limited to teaching or administration, and feeling trapped leads to feeling resentful.  But really, you can do anything!

Imagine walking into your classroom knowing you chose to be there.  Imagine knowing that, no matter what ridiculous new law is passed, or initiative is thrust upon you, you can decide to stay or go because you. have. options.

What’s Included?


At the heart of the Side Hustle Summer Camp program is the understanding that your situation is unique and a one-size-fits-all course is not what you need.  Instead, we present a variety of options, discuss pros and cons, and ask questions of each participant that will help them determine the best path forward for their business.


The difference between intention and success is accountability!  In the Side Hustle Summer Camp program we structure our groups so that you get ongoing accountability from Stacey and your entire cohort.  We help you set goals and make sure you’re gettin’ it done.


There are lots of systems and tools that can make running your business easier… but not if you don’t know how to use them.  We provide practical advice on how to use (and not to use) some of the most popular software, apps, and programs available to entrepreneurs.

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Stacey is the real deal. She understands the complexities that come with starting a business because she’s done it. She provided valuable tips and ideas that I could begin implementing right away, which provided much needed relief to the chaos that lives in my head. I would absolutely recommend Stacey to anyone looking for an outsider’s point of view on how to become more productive and efficient with their precious time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an idea for a business to join this program?

Knowing exactly what your side hustle is isn’t required, but having a solid idea will help you get the most out of the program.  We’ll help you work out the details as we progress.  If you haven’t already, grab your copy of The Ultimate List of Side Hustles for Teachers and/or schedule a session with Stacey to figure out what you want to do.

I'm part of a direct sales company. Will this program help me?

Absolutely!  Side Hustle Summer Camp can help you grow beyond the typical direct sales techniques used by all MLMs and build a business with multiple paths to success.

When and how often do we meet?

Each group will meet once a week for 60 minutes and there will be 3 designated copy review dates.

Meeting days and times will be set based on the availability of program members.

What if I miss a meeting?

Virtual meetings are recorded* and are available to group members for the duration of the program.  There are no makeup sessions due to the nature of the program and the continual access to materials.

* Provided there is not a technological issue with recording.

How much time will I need to devote to my business during the program?

It really depends on you, your business, and what you’re willing to do.  Ideally, you should expect to dedicate a minimum of 3-5 hours per week to your business in addition to the weekly meetings.  And the more you can do over the summer, the better positioned your business will be for the school year.

Do you offer a guarantee?

While the entire Side Hustle Teachers team stands behind the information and opportunities we provide, we can not guarantee success.  What we can guarantee is that we are in this for the long haul and are overjoyed to be a part of your long-term entrepreneurial journey.

What is your cancellation policy?
  • If you wish to cancel your membership in Side Hustle Summer Camp while your enrollment window is still open, you may do so for a full refund.
  • If you request a refund after your enrollment window closes but before your program begins, you will receive a refund less a $50 processing fee
  • No refunds will be offered once you begin the program.
  • After you’ve gone through the program, if you’re not satisfied with what we’ve provided (within 30 days of completion) you can request a refund.  You will be asked to provide evidence that you’ve completed the work as well as an explanation of what did not meet your expectations.

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