The 5-Day Content Challenge

Never be stuck for what to share on your blog, podcast, or video show again! In this 5-day challenge you’ll create an idea bank to keep you creating for the next 6 months… at least!

This challenge mini-course is perfect for you if you:

  • Already have a blog, podcast, or video show and you haven’t been consistent with creating content.
  • Have been wanting to start a blog, podcast, or video show, but don’t feel confident you have enough to share.
  • Have a business and want to start attracting more customers by growing your audience and authority.

What to Expect


Content Pillars

Define the categories your blog, podcast, or video show will emcompass.




Use a guided process to generate your first content topic ideas.


Peer Research

Examine and find inspiration from the existing content of your peers.


Harness the Google

Use search engines and recommended extensions to round out your ideas.




Learn my simple, 3-step process for getting your content published.

Consider the Possibilities

Whether your outlet is a blog, podcast, or video channel, nothing feels worse than being stuck with nothing to say. The blinking cursor on a blank document can be so intimidating!

But you don’t need to stress out over what to share with your audience.

With the 5-Day Content Challenge you’ll build an idea bank of blog posts, podcast or video episodes that are suited to your niche and designed to attract your ideal customer. 

Even better, you can repeat the challenge whenever you need to refill your content coffee pot! 

Imagine having 6 months worth of ideas to share with your audience ready to go and never having to face the dreaded blinking cursor again!

Each day you’ll receive:

  • An email with an introduction to the topic of the day
  • A video with instructions for the day’s task
  • A worksheet to help you complete the daily task
  • Access to the private Facebook group just for content creators

Join The 5-Day Content Challenge and get started building your topic list so you never have to struggle with what to share on your blog, podcast, or video show again…


And now it’s FREE!