Our Mission to Empower Educators

We help educators take control of their financial future by
building a sustainable income
stream through blogging.

Here’s What  I  Know…

  • While supervising clubs, coaching sports, or advising student activities are options, those side hustles often take up a lot of your time for little pay.
  • When teachers blog regularly, even when their blog isn’t about education, your students benefit. 
  • Every teacher should give yourself an hour a day to do something that lights you up.
  • If you can handle a 21st century classroom, you can handle the tech of a blog.

Why Blogging?

Teachers have an infinite number of choices when it comes to side hustles, so what make blogging so perfect for teachers?

Blogging is the only business has all 4 qualities of an ideal teacher side hustle:

  • Allows for flexible hours
  • Utilizes your teaching skills
  • Lets you be your own boss
  • Provides multiple streams of income

Where do I start?

If you’re new to blogging, check out these blogcasts for first steps you can take to get started.

One of the first decisions you’ll make as a new blogger is what to call your blog. It’s a big decision, and you want to be strategic, but you don’t want to get stuck. Here’s how you can choose your blog name in 5 simple steps.
Blogging is becoming a very popular choice for people to make a side income, and there’s a reason for that. It can be a great way to make money. But just because you can make money doing something, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Consider these 8 qualities every blogger should have before you begin.

Be Part of the Community

In the Start Your Teacher Blog Facebook group you’ll find like-minded people who are in all stages of building a blog. As a member you’re welcome to ask and answer questions, engage in prompts to grow your blog, and find kindred spirits who truly understand the path you’re on.

Join Here

Never be stuck for what to share on your blog again! In this 5-day challenge you’ll create an idea bank to keep you creating for the next 6 months… at least!

This challenge-style mini-course is perfect for you if you:

  • Already have a blog, podcast, or video show and you haven’t been consistent with creating content.
  • Have been wanting to start a blog, podcast, or video show, but don’t feel confident you have enough to share.
  • Have a business and want to start attracting more customers by growing your audience and authority.

Meet the Teacher behind Side Hustle Teachers

I’m Stacey! Teacher, mom, and blogger. I started my blogging journey in 2012 and now I’m on a mission to help other teachers discover the joy of earning passive income through blogging.

I’ve been teaching for 20 years and understand the challenges that come along with being an educator with a side hustle. I created Side Hustle Teachers to be the go-to place for teachers who want to make money outside the classroom without burning themselves out.



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