Build a business and
break free from
Broke Teacher Syndrome

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Edupreneur Academy has allowed me to take my business to the next level. Stacey provides so much information from how to pick your perfect side hustle ,to the best platforms to use to promote, and how to keep track of all your business expenses and profits. The courses are short but packed with information which allowed me learn in bite sized pieces. The face to face time and being able to ask Stacey questions in real time has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend enrolling in the Edupreneur Academy if you are looking to develop and grow your own side hustle.

– Karena

So great! I love it. I have a few things in my life that I have always wanted to do and I am gonna just take baby steps and get started. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

– Mary

Talking to Stacey felt really natural – like we were old friends. I instantly felt comfortable chatting with her, even though it was our first time speaking. Stacey gave me some great business tips and productivity ideas to try as I work on growing my business and I really appreciated everything she had to offer. I look forward to learning more from her!

– Allison

Stacey is the real deal. She understands the complexities that come with starting a business and being a teacher because she is one. She provided valuable tips and ideas that I could begin implementing right away, which provided much needed relief to the chaos that lives in my head. I would absolutely recommend Stacey to anyone looking for an outsider’s point of view on how to become more productive and efficient with their precious time.

– Carol

I love how Stacey was so encouraging and genuinely happy and supportive of me and my side hustle. She was able to make projects and next steps that had previously seemed so complex and nebulous in my mind all of a sudden become clear and simple. When there were steps I was self-conscious about taking, she was able to provide me with various ways I could approach it to match my comfort level, which I am positive was necessary to get me to actually do them, instead of just remaining paralyzed in fear. I am so relieved to have clear, doable next steps to move my hustle forward to the next level! 

– Anne