Does this sound familiar?

  • You have great ideas for a blog, but you don’t know how to get started
  • You feel intimidated by the tech required to build a website
  • You want to know more than just how to create a site. You also want it to look good, function well, and be something you’re proud to share.
  • You don’t have the time, energy, or desire to spend hours searching for free tutorials that may (or may not) deliver

Wicked Easy Website
is just what you need!

What’s Inside?

Module 1

Getting your domain and hosting. Choose your hosting plan and secure your domain name for your blog with a video walk through.
Installing a theme. Take a look behind the scenes to see how to access free themes, or install a premium theme on which to build your blog.
Installing plugins. I’ll show you 2 ways to install plugins on your website and give you a complete list of plugins that will help your blog function at the highest level.

Module 2

Your brand fonts. For a cohesive look you’re going to want to pick what fonts you’ll use on your website and in your branding. I’ll help you understand the different types of fonts, and give you resources to make making a decision easier.

Your brand colors. What colors are going to represent your brand? I’ll give you a simple process to use to choose your brand colors oso you don’t get stuck.

Module 3

Set up your menu. Get your primary menu put together so your audiences can easily navigate your website.

Must-Have Pages. What pages should you have on your site? I’ll teach you which pages every blog should have, and 2 different methods for constructing them.

Module 4

Your first blog post. You know your blog is all about content, so how do you get started on the right foot? I’ll give you tips on how to craft a post that your audience will love, and walk you through the tech to get it published!

Creating post graphics. Each outlet, from social media to your actual website , requires different graphics and it can be a bit overwhelming for a new blogger. I’ll show you examples of each graphic, and you can grab the cheat sheet with image sizes for every platform.


Creating a simple logo. You don’t need to be a professional designer to create a logo to use on your website. I’ll show you how!

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