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One of the questions I get most often is how I manage my time while balancing teaching, my family, and my business. Today I'm talking about what my days look like and some things new side hustlin' teachers need to consider.

What’s it really like to be a full-time teacher with a side hustle?  Today we’re exploring the realities of this non- 9-5 job and how we can make a business work.

Be Realistic  

Side hustle, by definition means that you’re building your business on the side.  It’s not your primary gig, so you can not devote full time hours to it. Teachers have to take that one step further, because our jobs don’t end when we leave the school building.  We have lessons to plan and papers to grade, so we have to take that into consideration when setting our schedules.

Start Small  

Do one thing every day for your business.  Every. Single. Day. Build the habit of working on your business so that it becomes part of your routine.  

Conversely, avoid the trap of going all in on your business too fast.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Be Flexible 

Life happens. Even the most diligent planners can’t predict everything that’s going to happen on any given day as a teacher, so you have to give yourself some grace as an entrepreneur, too.

If you find yourself always putting things off, then you might have to reevaluate your scheduling.  But if it’s just once in a while, don’t sweat it. Just go back to the previous point and focus on doing something, however small, every day.

My day

5 am Wakeup, get ready
6 am Business work – social media check, emails, prep for day
7 am Out the door
7:40-2:40 School – work on lunch “hour”
2:40-3:20 Business work – writing, podcast outlines
4:00 pm Bus pickup, Mommy-Daughter time
4:30 pm Homework or free time
5:30 pm Dinner prep
6:00 pm Dinner
6:30 pm TV time
7:30 pm Bedtime
8:00 pm Business work – social media, graphics, scheduling posts
9:00 pm Hard stop (ish)

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A Day in the Life of a Side Hustle Teacher: Making Time for Your Business