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Many educators fall prey to Broke Teacher Syndrome, the idea that teachers can't make money and therefor undercharge (or don't charge at all) for their products and services. Here are some mindset hacks for when you start to feel guilty for asking to be paid.

Is anxiety of asking for money keeping you from getting your business up and running, or growing to a point of scalability?  Today we’re talking about believing in your worth as an edupreneur, so stick around.

No matter how much you love what you do, there’s one thing that separates a hobby from a business; Money.  If you’re not making money, you don’t have a business.

This is a big point of contention for teachers who enter the entrepreneurial space, and I completely understand why.

Part of being a teacher is being broke… or at least that’s how it feels sometimes.  It’s ingrained in our culture and constantly reinforced every time we’re asked to chip in for something, work way outside our contract hours, and volunteer to work at school events.  

And teachers aren’t blameless here.  We buy into this culture hook, line, and sinker.  Who are the first ones checking out the discount bins after every holiday so we can buy stuff for our classrooms and our kids?  Who pays $5 to wear jeans to school on Fridays? Who signs up to chaperone the dance because, “It’s for the kids?” Us.  

And no one is saying we can’t do those things if we want to.  All I’m saying is that you can’t let that mindset carry over into your business.

Don’t fall victim to Broke Teacher Syndrome

Just because teaching pays pennies that doesn’t mean your skills aren’t worth anything. 

In any profession other than teaching, your degree would garner mad money and respect.

Remember that you went into teaching in spite of it not being a high paying job, not because of it.  You don’t have to be broke. You can teach and still make money, but you have to charge money to make money.

Charging what your worth helps your clients get results

This sounds weird, but it’s true.  When you undercharge for your services, people don’t value them as much.  They don’t put all their energy into it, they don’t get the results, and they don’t turn into raving fans.

Keep your ultimate goal in mind

Whether your goal is to retire early, pay down debt, or save money to travel, you started a business to make money. 

Do we want to help people?  Of course.  

But helping people and making money aren’t mutually exclusive.

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