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If leaving teaching is your ultimate goal, a blog can help you get there. Not only are there multiple ways to make money through blogging, your site can also serve you in other ways if looking to get out of the classroom. Here’s how you can use a blog as your education exit strategy.

At this moment there are an unprecedented number of educators looking to get out of teaching. It’s a sad, and more than slightly terrifying, prospect, to be sure. But it’s also understandable… 

I’m not going to start in on the state of education right now, because that would lead down a pretty dark rabbit whole. So let me just say, I get it

If you’re one of this group, you might be wondering how a blog can help you in this pursuit. In fact, that’s one of the questions I get from community members most often.

Truthfully, a blog can serve your exit strategy in a number of ways.

Let’s dig in to the top 3.

Blogging to Replace Your Income

Perhaps the one thing that automatically comes to mind when you think of blogging for money is the idea of using a blog to create a new income stream. Then building that income to the point where you can blog full time.

Because blogs offer multiple streams of income, there are multiple ways to reach your income target.

It can take time to build up your revenue to a point where you can quit, but while you do it you can take the money you’re earning and put it aside (or, better yet, invest it). That way you have a financial cushion when you decide to take the leap.

Blogging as a Marketing Channel for A Business

If you’ve got an established business, or just an idea for one, a blog can help you reach more people, build your authority, and grow your income faster.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business, or are completely online, a blog is still one of the most cost effective marketing strategies around.

Use your blog to build a targeted audience of people who are interested in your product or service, then convert them into true fans who come to you first when they have money to spend.

A blog can be a great way to start a business, too.

If you’re unable to leave teaching to just jump into a new business that is, as they say on Shark Tank, pre-revenue, you can build up a following and start making money before leaving.

Blogging as a Business Card

If you want to leave teaching, but aren’t looking to be a business owner or a full-time blogger, you can still use blogging to help.

This will work especially well if you want to leave teaching for an unrelated field. 

Many teachers who’d like to work in a new field feel that they can’t get a foothold because, even though they may have peripheral experience, employers overlook it in favor of those who have more direct experience. 

A blog that is properly niched in the field you’d like to move into can serve as a demonstration of your knowledge. It can also show potential employers that you’re truly interested in that field, rather than just applying for every position available. 

And if you stick with it, and market yourself properly, you can even draw potential employers to you! You never know who will stumble onto it and take notice.

Cards on the table, totally honesty; using blogging as a way to get out of teaching isn’t an overnight solution. Unless you have the resources to quit and be without a large percentage of your paycheck for a while – and not many teachers do – most of these options are going to start out as side hustles.

However, as with most things, the sooner you get started, the sooner you see results and achieve your goals.

If blogging sounds like an option for your get out of teaching strategy, check out my free guide, 5 Steps to Start Your Blog Today. It will get you thinking about what you’d want to write about AND walk you through the tech of actually building a site. Download it for free here.

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3 Ways to Use a Blog to Get Out of Teaching3 Ways to Use a Blog to Get Out of Teaching3 Ways to Use a Blog to Get Out of Teaching