I get asked all the time what tools, systems, and courses I recommend.  The resources listed on this page are those that I use personally, have used at a previous stage in my business, or wish were around when I needed them.  I am an affiliate for many of the things on this list, so I may get a small commission or service discount if you purchase or sign up through my link.

Tools I Can’t Live Without

Business Basics

How I set up my command center (home office):

My web hosting company is, and has always been SiteGround. They’ve got competetive prices and their customer service is top notch.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, incredibly customizable theme for your WordPress website, Divi from Elegent Themes is what you need!

Looking for something to read? Check out my reading list on Amazon for my favorite personal development and business books!


Email Marketing

Collect email addresses from your audience so you can keep in touch. ConvertKit makes the process easy and seemless. Create email templates, automated sequences to nurture new subscribers, and customize your audiences to target you marketing effectively.

A quiz can be a great way to get people on your email list and there are many programs to choose from. The one I use and recommend is Outgrow.

Let customers know when offers are expiring and create scarcity in your marketing with Deadline Funnels.


Online Teaching

You can use your education background to teach online classes to students all over the world online. There are many platforms on which you can teach, but my recommendation is Outschool.

If you plan on hosting digital courses or a membership, a great site to start with is MemberVault. It’s a user-friendly interface with great customer service, and you can use the program for free for up to 1,000 members/students.

Other platforms you can use for online teaching include:


Audio & Visual

The recording equipment I use for my videos and podcast recordings:

Create graphics for your website, social media, emails, business cards and more with PicMonkey. Members also get access to stock images to use anywhere royalty free.

Sometimes when I record a podcast or video there is background noise I just can’t prevent, so I use Krisp, a free program, to filter out the sounds of my daughter, pets, or a noisy garbage truck. Get one month of Pro service free with this link.

If you need one-off design work done, 99 Designs has a marketplace full of capable designers of all styles. You can also find freelancers for many services, like podcast intros, copywriting, and more on Fiverr.


Social Media

How do I show up on social media without spending all my time scrolling? I use CinchShare to schedule my posts so I know they will go out on time and I don’t have to spend 24/7 on social media. Get a 30-Day free trial here.

Pinterest can be a fantastic way to bring new eyes to your content, but it takes a lot of time and effort to post daily. Tailwind is a program that can help get your Pinterest house in order and make it more managable to stay active.



For organization, there’s no tool I recommend more highly than Trello. Manage content, organize courses… even plan your meals for the week. And it’s free!

Allow clients and contacts to schedule appointments with you easily and securely with Acuity Scheduling.

Bookkeeping might not be your favorite thing, but in business you’ve got to know your numbers. For my business I use QuickBooks Self-Employed to track profit and loss, create 1099s for my independent contractors, and everything gets transferred into TurboTax with one click.


The Learning List

Recommended programs, courses, and memberships

Content Creation

Wicked Easy Website. Let me walk you through the tech stuff and get your website up and running in just a week!

Content Made Easy. My proven, 3-step system for planning, crafting, and distributing content to find new clients and make more money.

Power Up Podcasting 2.0. Get started on your podcasting journey with all the basics.

Amped Up Podcasting. Take your podcast to the next level with systems and monitization to help you grow your audience, build your business, and avoid burnout.

YouTube Video Editing for Beginners. Master the basics of editing videos for your YouTube channel.



Live Free Academy. Created by former teacher, Micala Quinn, OTO is for anyone interested in becoming a freelance virtual assistant.

Proofread Anywhere. Become a freelance proofreader.

Transcribe Anywhere. Learn how to become a freelance general or legal transciptionist.

Earn More Writing School. Build a business as a freelance writer.



Elite Suite. A premier membership for direct sellers who want to increase sales and revenue without being spammy.

Hustle Buddies. Learn all about retail arbitrage (reselling low-priced items for a profit) on Amazon.

CEO Teacher Academy. Build a business with Teachers Pay Teachers and beyond.

Masters of Marketplace. Everything you need to know about selling on Amazon using FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. A Side Hustle Teachers course on the basics of affiliate marketing.

1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing. Refer your audience to products and services you love and earn commisions on the sales.

Subscription Box Bootcamp. Cureate products around a certain theme and mail them out to your customers.


Other Opportunities

Shake Up Learning. Become a Google Certified educator.

Speaking Society. Learn how to book gigs, organize talks, and become known as a public speaker.

Teacher Transition. Use your education background and skills to secure a job in a traditional company.

If you want a complete list of money making opportunities for teachers, grab your copy of The Ultimate List of Side Hustles for Teachers!