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    Today’s Guest: Kayse Morris, Online Business Owner

    Kayse Morris is a former 8th grade english and language arts teacher and now helps teachers live their best lives. Her main goal is to empower the educators of the world to leave a legacy online by selling their teaching resources. She got started on Teachers Pay Teachers in 2013 and it changed her life. She had no intention of leaving the classroom, she loves being a teacher and it is her greatest joy. However in  2018, she stepped out of the classroom to start helping other teachers with their businesses.


    If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably thought about selling on the website Teachers Pay Teachers, but sometimes it can be daunting. How do you get started? What do you sell? Well today’s guest is telling us all about it and she is an expert. 

    This website has been around for a long time and many teachers have thought about or tried to sell their course materials on that website. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. There’s so many teachers on there so how do you get found? Today’s guest Kayse Morris is the person to ask about that. 

    Kayse is a former teacher who has created a 7 figure online business and through her course, the CEO Teacher Academy.  She teaches educators how to become a thriving CEO Teachers by taking their best asset in the classroom and building a legacy by teaching their passion. CEO Teachers are coached on how to create and market their teaching resources and grow their businesses to make an impact and enable them to live their passion each day. 

    Teachers have the perfect DNA to become entrepreneurs because they encompass the word “badass”. They have the ability to know how to teach in the online space. A lot of people are trying to sell courses online but they just aren’t teachers. We are born with it. It is the perfect match for us.. Because we are lifelong learners, whatever we don’t know about running an online business, we can totally learn. 

    While struggling through postpartum depression, Kayse thought that teaching was going to help her find happiness. But creating lesson plans and juggling being a mom, putting her kids in daycare, realizing she was only making enough money to pay for daycare, she was struggling and felt like she just wasn’t a good teacher. Making lesson plans on top of battling her depression was very hard for her. When she finally confronted her depression, she also decided to start selling her teacher resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. She made $50 in her first month but knew nothing could stop her after that. 

    Now, after experiencing much success, Kayse has left the classroom to focus her business. She doesn’t necessarily encourage teachers to leave the classroom. She likes to celebrate those that do for impacting even more students but she wants teachers to know that you don’t have to ever desire to leave the classroom. You can make a financial impact on your family that changes the trajectory of your life. It can make your life easier. 

    Every day she was encountering teachers that wanted to know how she did it so she started coaching other teachers on how to do it. After finding out what they needed, she created a course on how to sell teacher resources and enrolled hundreds of teachers. She teaches 5 levels of the teacher success path, and Teachers Pay Teachers is just level one. 

    Kayse believes that success leaves breadcrumbs

     She dove headfirst into learning everything she could and taking every course she could to learn how to make this happen. She developed the perfect opt in that was lasered in to her ideal client. She wanted to serve them to the best of her ability, and for her students to know that investing in her course would be worth every penny. 

    It is so important to know that if you take the courses and watch all of the videos, but you don’t do anything, then it’s not going to happen. You have to put the work in. This is not a short game, this is a long game. If you are trying to build something long term, you have to be in it long term. It’s not going to happen overnight, just like you didn’t become a great teacher overnight. 

    That’s not to say nothing goes wrong…

    Sometimes you will make something amazing, and no one buys it. And that’s okay. You learn. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! 

    Teachers Pay Teachers has exploded since 2013. You may hear that it is oversaturated. If you are trying to come in and sell Kindergarten and math centers without a unique spin, it will be hard to sell a large amount. 

    There are 3 important things for you to understand when you start selling on Teachers Pay Teachers

    1. Keyword optimization 
    2. Know what you are good at 
    3. What your customers need that isn’t oversaturated. 

    You bring awareness to this need, and then you begin selling it.

    The CEO Teacher Academy is opening soon and you don’t want to miss this. If you want a sneak peek into how Kayse works and creates and sells her resources, she has a free training for you that you can join by going to sidehustleteachers.com/tpt.

    As an extra bonus, Kayse is going to be joining us live in the Side Hustle Teachers facebook group  on October 19th at 7 pm. You aren’t going to want to miss this chat because she will be answering questions about her program and spilling all the tea on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click the button to add it to your calendar so you don’t forget!

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