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Lots of people come to Side Hustle Teachers because you like the idea of having a side hustle, but for whatever reason, you’re not ready to take action.  But even if you’re not ready to launch your business, there are things you can do today to make it easier for yourself later.

Start tracking your time

You don’t have to use a formal time tracking app or anything, just start to take notice of how you use your time.  

Most of us like to stay busy, so when we have time, we fill it.  Even if that means we’re doing things that don’t need to be done (or don’t need to be done by us), we feel our days are full.

Some things to look at:
How much time are you spending on social media?
How much time are you spending on busy work?
How much time are you spending on dreaming of making your classroom Pinterest perfect?

You don’t even have to make changes to your schedule.  Just noticing that there are opportunities in your week to adjust how you spend your time can shift your mindset enough to get you moving.

Squirrel away some money

While it is possible to start a business with no money, it’s much easier if you have at least a bit to invest.

If you’re building on your own, and are willing and able to do the work yourself, I would advise having even just $100 set aside for basic expenses.

If you want to join an MLM, starting kits generally run $200-500.

If you’re thinking of creating a product, the up-front investment is typically larger.

Do some market research

Ask questions.  

You: What’s a problem you can solve?  How can you help others make their lives easier?  

Friends/ Family: What’s something you wish were easier?  If I could make this situation less taxing/annoying/difficult, would you pay for a solution?

Strangers: I have an idea about ____, is this a problem you have, too?  If I were to offer you ____, what would you expect to get with it? What would you expect to pay for it?

Dream big

Getting some of the pre-planning work out of the way clears a path for you to begin to see your dream as possible.  

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