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When most people think of businesses for teachers, lots of kid-centered ideas come up.  Tutoring, camps, crafts…

I mean, we teachers do love kids, right?  Of course, we do!  But that doesn’t mean that when summer comes we want to sign up for another gig that has us wiping noses and trying not to laugh at fart jokes.

We have other interests, other passions, and quite frankly, we could use a break. 

Here are some great ideas for summer businesses teachers can run, no kids allowed.

Pet Sitter.  Summer is prime vacation time, and furry friends need looking after.  Take them in your own home, or make your own staycation at a client’s house.

Tour Guide.  Take visitors on neighborhood walks, winery or brewery tours, or act as a guide through local sites.

Photographer.  Capture family events – summer is the height of wedding season – or other special places or times. 

Pub Trivia Host.  Put your useless knowledge to use!  Work with local restaurants and pubs to offer trivia nights to entice more folks in the door.  You can negotiate a cut of the entry fees or a flat rate for hosting and get paid for having a night out!

Virtual Assistant.  Many entrepreneurs, especially online, need help to run their businesses but aren’t ready to bring on a full-time employee, so they hire virtual assistants.  A virtual assistant can help with any task, from answering emails to scheduling appointments, to… you name it!

Graphic Design.  Those with an eye for design and some knowledge of design software can work with clients to design logos, one-sheets, or other graphics for business owners.

Flip Furniture.  Another creative outlet, all you need is an eye for a bargain and some space to work.

Moving Coordinator.   Moving is a stressful event – and another that peaks in the summer – so teachers can provide an extra layer of service and stress relief for those in transition.

Charter Fishing/ Hunting Guide. Folks who have the necessary equipment and training can take others out to the “good spots” while they enjoy their hobby and make money.

Ancestry Researcher. If you like to research, dig into family histories and create family trees for others.

Looking for more ideas?  Check out the Side Hustle Teachers private Facebook group.

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