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The holidays provide numerous opportunities to share new content with your audience that will build your authority, strengthen your relationships, and increase sales. But what types of blogs posts, podcasts, or video episodes should you share to reach your audience and help you reach your end of the year goals? Here are types of content that are perfect for the holidays.

Last week I suggested that you start creating and sharing your holiday content well before the holiday season actually begins, but what kind of content should you share?

Oftentimes, the types of content you create at this time of year is going to mirror what you create throughout the year, but with a slightly different focus. Holiday content may also not have the evergreen nature of most of your posts, but remember that the holidays come every year, which means you can update and continue to promote this content year after year.

So let’s dig into the types of posts and episodes you can share with your audience.

Gift Guide

Almost every side hustle can benefit from producing a list of gift ideas your audience might enjoy. This could be ideas your audience might want to give as gifts, or gifts your audience might want to receive from others.

In your gift guide you can include both your own products and products for which you’re an affiliate, making every item on your list an earning opportunity.

Here are some examples:

  • Crochet or knitting specialists could create lists of homemade gifts their audience could give to their friends and family or a list of recommended supplies for those hoping to start crocheting or knitting on their own.
  • Social media managers could share a gift list of social media tools like selfie sticks, clip-on ring lights, and possibly a gift certificate for a social media audit.
  • Essential oil sellers could share gifts people could give that feature essential oils, like wreaths, diffusers, and jewelry.

Holiday How-To

Always a popular type of content to share, holidays provide an additional opportunity to teach your audience how to do something, this time with a holiday or end-of-year theme.

You can teach a holiday craft or skill that your audience would enjoy, or take them through a process that will make their lives easier during this busy time, or even how to do end-of-year/ new year tasks related to your area of expertise.

These types of posts or episodes can be another way to share your products and affiliate links as you share your products and those of others that you use in your how-to.

Examples include:

  • A cookware seller could share how to prepare Christmas dinner in advance so you can enjoy the day.
  • An educational designer could show teachers how to design their own holiday lessons, and how to include all students in the holiday season in respectful ways.
  • A photographer could share how to take a great family photo!

12 Days of YOU

As a holiday special, you can create a series of posts centered on a specific theme that you share over 12 days. (Or 5 days, or 7 days… you do you.)

Here are a few ideas:

  • A bookkeeper could share 12 ideas for getting your finances in order before year end.
  • A clutter coach could share 12 tips for getting rid of unneeded stuff before the glut of Christmas.
  • An arts and crafter could share 12 holiday crafts to do with your kids.
  • A tutor could provide educational activities to do over the holiday break.

You can deliver this content through your blog, podcast, or video or via an email series, and even offer it as an opt-in to get people on your list each year!

Extra Freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff around the holidays? There’s so much selling going on, people are extra appreciative of anything that doesn’t cost money, and are more willing to trade their email addresses for them.

You can create downloadable guides, checklists, lists, instructions, etc. for people to use through the holidays or after.

Examples of extra bonuses might be:

  • A step-by-step guide to using CBD oil to reduce holiday stress.
  • A checklist for what to bring with you on your holiday travel.
  • Printable tips for how to boost your everyday beauty routine for holiday celebrations.

Charity Drive

One of the best things about the holidays is the fact that people are more generous and willing to give to others. With a platform like a blog, podcast, or video channel, plus your social media channels you can shine a light on charities that are important to you.

You can run a straight-up charity drive, or give a percentage of your sales to a non-profit. 

Share your connection to that particular charity and why you support them with your audience and encourage people to donate or up their purchases to support the cause.

Holiday Favorites

You’ve probably heard of Oprah’s Favorite Things, right? You can create something similar for your business!

Holiday favorites could be something related to your business, or it could be something completely unrelated, like your favorite holiday traditions or Christmas carols. If you’re going to be sharing non-business faves. You likely want to keep that to social media so as not to confuse your blog, podcast, or YouTube audience.

Year in Review

Content engagement tends to drop in the weeks between Christmas and NewYears, so a good option is to create a year-in-review post or episode. This type of content is fairly low pressure to create and it also serves a good touchpoint for those in your audience who may have joined you mid-year, or find you after the fact.

In your year-in-review you can share business stats, new things you’ve tried, tools you’ve used, wins and lessons learned, and other behind the scenes information. You can also share a roundup of your most popular posts or episodes.

What’s Next?

As an authority in your niche, your audience looks to you to know what’s trending in your world. What trends are on the upswing and are going to be even more popular in the new year? What trends are on the way out?

If you’re in a fashion or design field, think colors, textures, styles, etc.

If you’re in business, what social media trends do you see and how can your audience get a head start on them?

For those in real estate, share what’s trending in home buying, what buyers are looking for, and tips for getting ready for sale.

Whatever you choose to share this holiday season, remember that as you make suggestions your number 1 job is to support your audience. Yes, you want to increase your sales and you may be adding more sales links than usual to your content, but if your content isn’t useful, it won’t do you or your audience any good.

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8 Types of Holiday Content to Share with Your Audience8 Types of Holiday Content to Share with Your Audience8 Types of Holiday Content to Share with Your Audience