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Are you waiting to start your business until the perfect side hustle reveals itself to you?  Today we’re talking about why you should stop waiting and start taking action.

Oftentimes people come to Side Hustle Teachers with the goal of starting a side hustle, but no clear idea on what to do.  And while I and the Facebook group can provide lots of ideas, only you can decide what’s right for you.

There’s no “1 way”

Like many things in life, there are multiple paths a side hustlin’ teacher can follow.  What most people don’t say out loud is that most of the paths available to you are equally good.

It’s like when you input a destination into Google maps.  You’re often given several routes to choose from – maybe one has tolls while another takes a few minutes longer – but in the end, they all get you to your destination.

No matter what your side hustlin’ destination, whether it’s early retirement, saving for college, or to build up a savings account and stop living paycheck to paycheck, there are multiple side hustles that will get you there.

We might not know the whole path before we start.

It can be scary to start a journey without knowing every turn along the way, but if you take the first step, then the next best step, and repeat, you’ll reach your goal.  If you wait for the path to become clear, you’re never going to start.

For example, in Season 1 I talked with Robin Walker about her journey.  She started out selling cheerleading bows and now coaches women in business and runs the annual Women’s Business Conference in Wisconsin.

I know this can be a daunting prospect for teachers who are used to Backward Design and planning with the end in mind, but it can be done.  Remember, there’s no end of the year or state test for your business. You can take your time and just keep taking the next right step.

Is there a wrong path?

So, if there are numerous right ways to reach my goal, is there a wrong way?

You know you’re not on the right path if you’re doing something that doesn’t align with your values or your goals, and only you can define what that is.  If you’re doing business with a company or in a way that goes against your moral or ethical code, stop. Find another path.

However, a lot of people think that discomfort is a sign that something is wrong.  That is simply untrue. Discomfort is a sign that something is changing. And change, while scary, isn’t bad.  It’s up to you evaluate your discomfort and decide whether it’s coming from growth and change, or if something in your life is misaligned.

What’s the next best step?

The only way to reach your goal is to take action.  Your next best step is to make a decision and go for it.

If you’re at the beginning of your journey, your next best step might be securing a domain name or signing up with a company you want to be a part of.  If you’re further along it might be hiring a coach or investing in a web designer.  

The idea is to act.  Make a decision and do it.

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