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Confidently Choose a Topic for Your Blog, Podcast, or Video Show

Define your niche so you can create content that will build your authority and attract your ideal customers

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    If you’re going to spend time creating content, you want a return on your investment, right? Absolutely! Here are 7 ways that you can make money from your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

    There are a number of ways that content creators can monetize the content you create for your blog, podcast, or video show. Which ones you use will depend upon your business model and goals, so don’t feel like you need to do everything.


    Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of monetizing, and they’re certainly a popular option. With Google AdSense and Media.net making ads super accessible to anyone, ads can be a good way to start earning money from your content.

    Sponsored Content

    Many brands work with online influencers (like you) to grow their brand recognition, introduce new products, or give ideas how to use their products. Food brands will work with recipe creators, outdoorsman brands will work with those in the space to show off their product line, and more. There are multiple companies who work to connect infopreneurs and influencers with brands who want to advertise in a more authentic way.

    Brand Ambassadorship

    Similar to sponsored content, becoming a brand ambassador is typically a longer term relationship and may consist of a series of posts, podcast or video episodes sponsored by the same company.  As a brand ambassador you may be asked to create multiple pieces of content on various channels and sign an exclusivity deal so you are not promoting competitors.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Whether you have your own products or services you’re selling or not, affiliate marketing can increase your revenue. Affiliate marketing is the practice of including links to recommended products or services in your blog post, show notes, or video description. When someone clicks on your link and purchases something, you get a commission.

    If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing check out my mini-training, Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

    Ask for Donations

    If you’re providing value to your audience, you can ask them to donate money to support you. Oftentimes patrons get special access to extra material like bonus posts, episodes, or shows.  Programs like Patreon will allow you to manage donations and gated content.

    Host a Virtual Summit

    If you’ve built relationships with others who are speaking to your audience, you can host a virtual summit. Invite folks to watch you and your fellow presenters share on a given topic. You can hold a virtual summit in essentially any area, from business to childcare to gift giving to mental health.

    Sell Your Stuff

    A blog, podcast, or video show is a great chance to promote your own products. If you’ve got products, courses, e-books, or services that you offer, mentioning them in your content (when it fits naturally) can bring awareness to what you sell. You can have your own product “sponsor” your podcast or video show, or drop links to them in your written content.

    It’s important to remember that monetizing content relies on producing helpful information first, so focus on the value you provide, then figure out where monetization fits in organically. 

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    Confidently Choose a Topic for Your Blog, Podcast, or Video Show

    Not sure what topic to choose for your content? The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Topic for Your Blog, Podcast, or Video Show will help you define your niche so you can start creating content that will build your authority and attract your ideal customers!

    7 Ways to Monetize a Blog, Podcast, or Video Show